Talking Bird

This was a fun one. Robert and Sean dust off their memories of their teenage years to discuss, analyze and laugh about their love of the greatest (warts and all) heavy metal band in the world, Metallica.

This not intended to be a definitive history, rather a fun, long-form discussion will lots of personal anecdotes.

This is only part one. It covers the formation of the band to the ...And Justice for All tour.

Harsh language and rampant speculation abound. 


Thanks for listening


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Back for the Attack in 2019! Robert and Sean ring in the new year by talking about video games. EA cancels ANOTHER Star Wars game? Talking fish, rampant speculation and much more. This one is extra long to make up for the gap between episodes. Enjoy!

PROGRAM NOTE: Robert refers to a video game, "Wizard of Gore" this episode, but he meant "Wizard of Wor". That being said, Herschel Gordon Lewis and the Gor novels and usually rattling in his head too.

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