Talking Bird

We are just days away from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and Jon and Robert are done speculating. Instead, they kick off their boots, crack open some Jawa Juice (Ewwwww. That sounds gross. It was just beer, kids) and read some listener mail before recording commentaries over two classic Star Wars "making-of" documentaries.

You are free to listen to this episode "a la carte", but it really works better if you sync it up to the specials. Otherwise, there are times of silence, between the sounds of sipping. (Sync it up, please. Don't listen to us sip). Enjoy?

Special #1 "The Beginning" (1999)

Special #2 "The Making of Star Wars" (1977)

contact us (no spoilers).


On a personal note, I think I can speak for Jon & myself in thanking you for listening over the last six months and even if "The Force Awakens" doesn't turn out to be everything we hoped for, we still truly enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to you about it every week (or so). See you after the holidays. Peace. -RZ

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