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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 7

The Bird Brothers go "low energy" on the final TALKING BIRD episode of 2013. Eagleheart's Season 3, Episode 7 (or 32) "Quint" is discussed. Also discussed: Jon's grandpa hits the dating scene lightly, Robert outs himself as a prog rock fan, anxiety over the possible end of Eagleheart is pondered.

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Happy New Year and thanks for listening.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 6

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Jon calls in from his mother's dining room in Virginia so we can have a show*. Robert decides that Eagleheart's Paradise  Rising, Episode 6 (or 17), "Joe" is probably his favorite and then doesn't seem to be able to explain why. Note taking is discussed. Brian Setzer is dissed. Tom Skerrit is recalled. Frank Stallone is mentioned. An unsuccessful contest is repeated. Listen to this one while wrapping that Eagleheart Season One DVD you bought for your Dad. Merry Christmas to all who like that stuff and have a great week to those who don't. Rat-a-tat-tat, boom-boom, Baby!

*thanks to those who helped.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 5

Robert goes a little "Alex Jones" & Jon's cooler head prevails when the bird-boys talk about Eagleheart's Paradise Rising, Episode 5, "America".

Topics Covered: Jane Seymour's Open Heart Jewelry, Neil Sedaka, Peter Allen, Conan writers, Sammy Hagar's autobiography, and CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS!


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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 4

The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Companion Podcast goes long, while Jon and Robert discuss 'Paradise Rising, Chapter 4: Grandy". Also discussed: the polictics of SNL, David Lynch, Veronica Cartwright, and Danny Thomas's coffee table is explained in great detail. Follow us at @talkingbirdcast on twitter and Now available on iTunes and Stitcher

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In this epic-length, post Thanksgiving episode, Robert recalls his Black Friday adventures, Jon impersonates a fishy Mae West and Eagleheart's episode "Bowsley" is discussed in great detail.

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