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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast  Episode 11

The Bird-Boys are "playin' it loose" with an "Eagleheart: Paradise Rising Post-Mortem". Viewer mail is read (thanks Francois). Heather M drops by (via .mp3) to talk sandwiches. Discussed: Susie Wagner activity books, Utilikilts, EVER MORE THEORIES! Stay tuned for more stuff in the future. Special acapella version of the theme song sung by co-host Jon. Thanks for listening!

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A mega episode for a mega-finale. Talking Bird ruffles its feathers for Eagleheart's Season 3 (or series?) finale, "Honch". We go deep (when do we not go deep?) about all the things we loved about this episode. Stuff talked about: multiple universes, matrix sequels, Sophocles, sports and when is it okay to drink (according to Robert)

Program note. This is NOT the last Talking Bird. We are doing a whole-season recap episode coming up next week. Hit us up @talkingbirdcast or other venues if you want to participate. More info inside.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 9

Jon and Robert are stuffed up (nasally speaking) but power through and talk about Eagleheart's penultimate season 3 episode, "Gribbs". After talking sick day television rituals, sports, the bird boys get to the nitty gritty about the ups and downs of a TV show that can't play nice with expectations. A passionate conversation for sure. Enjoy.

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The Talking Bird Crew talks Eagleheart Season 3, Episode 8 "Spats". Jon suffers from Texas-sized cedar allergies. Robert slowly deteriorates due to a what will probably be swine flu. Nothing is going to stop them from talking about their favorite show. Also mentioned: Robert's childhood VHS collection, Jon's approaching PHD, The Color Purple, Battlefield Earth, their mutual distaste of tongue piercings on extras. Give them a shoutout on twitter @talkingbirdcast.



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