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We are just days away from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and Jon and Robert are done speculating. Instead, they kick off their boots, crack open some Jawa Juice (Ewwwww. That sounds gross. It was just beer, kids) and read some listener mail before recording commentaries over two classic Star Wars "making-of" documentaries.

You are free to listen to this episode "a la carte", but it really works better if you sync it up to the specials. Otherwise, there are times of silence, between the sounds of sipping. (Sync it up, please. Don't listen to us sip). Enjoy?

Special #1 "The Beginning" (1999)

Special #2 "The Making of Star Wars" (1977)

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On a personal note, I think I can speak for Jon & myself in thanking you for listening over the last six months and even if "The Force Awakens" doesn't turn out to be everything we hoped for, we still truly enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to you about it every week (or so). See you after the holidays. Peace. -RZ

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Less than ten days from the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jon & Robert are struggling to avoid spoilers. Topics covered: George Lucas's faint praise, Joss Whedon vs George Miller, JJ screwed up Star Trek, and much much more. Why read this paltry recap, the proof is in the pudding. LISTEN.


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Just over two weeks away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jon & Robert hit the ground running with a lively discussion of Steven Spielberg throwing his old buddy George Lucas under the bus. Robert confesses his anxiety about the whether or not this movie is going to suck or not. Jon fixates on Adam Driver's acting techniques, his face and his "Kylo Ren" voice. They discuss movie marketing like two dudes from Hollywood. LOTS of soundtrack talk, with emphasis on SCHERZO.

This one was extra fun to be a part of. If you don't want to listen to fun...well...that's on you.

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A nice, long episode to listen to on the way to Thanksgiving dinner.

Topics covered: Turkey, George Lucas's "seller's remorse", Star Wars Rebels, comic books and Battlefront.

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Thanks for listening. Have a safe, sane, and happy Thanksgiving or however you spend your Thursday this week.

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Your favorite Star Wars podcast starts its 27th Episode by not talking about Star Wars.

Who is the host of this show? Who is the co-host? Who's coming along for the MST3K BarBeQuay?

Are we being realistic trying to avoid spoilers? Lawrence Kasdan's days on Star Wars are numbered Jon reviews, "Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company". Robert rambles.


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Hey JJ, I thought you said you were done with trailers. Then you drop a whole new international one.

Stuff discussed. Who is Maz Kanata? What constitutes a 'delightful' story? Is Chewbacca done for? Does Colin Trevorow write? and much, much more.

We discuss Marvel's Star Wars #11 in-depth and Jon reviews the short stories "Bottleneck" and "Mercy" mission. Robert is done reading Star Wars books for now.

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Episode 25? Who asked for all this Star Wars talk? Jon says we are the "punk" Star Wars podcast and who am I to disagree. I am literally putting a safety pin in my cheek as I write this.

Questions raised: Is "The Force Awakens" on our literal 'bucket list'? Where are all these inquisitors coming from? Is "Rebels" pulling a "Sliders"?

We talk a lot about Star Wars: Rebels "Always Two There Are".

We close the show by playing "What if Carrie Fisher wrote the opening crawl to 'The Force Awakens'?"

Thanks for listening.

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After our marathon The Force Awakens poster/trailer/music recap episode last week, we get caught up on the first two episodes of "Star Wars: Rebels", "Shattered Empire" and the "Lando" miniseries. We also talk about Marvel's "Star Wars" & "Darth Vader".

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This is a long one. We basically cover three things. Approximate times below.

0-1hrs -the Poster

1-2:45hrs - The Trailer

2:45-end The music of the trailer.


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Star Wars: Battlefront Beta review. Boba Fett casting rumors. Star Wars: Rebels & book news from New York Comicon. Lots of wheelhouse talk. Dig in.

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Star Wars Battlefront Talk. Jon reviews "Lost Stars". Does Han Solo have to die to make "The Force Awakens" a good movie? Disneyland is getting into Star Wars in a big way, but does that mean Tom Sawyer needs to pack a bag? Lots of "Star Wars: Rebels" talk. Don't read this description, just listen to the show.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens talk on Talking Bird. 360 degree views from Jakku. Oculus Rift: The future? or NOT the Future? Is Anthony Daniels a bit of a prick, or a suuuuuper dry comedian? Are only seeing a fraction of what the Force Awakens has to offer us? Will Jon & Robert fork out the big bucks for Star Wars soundtrack reissues? Admiral Ackbar is back. J.J. has pretty boring taste in music and inside jokes. MAX VON SYDOW! and much more. Crack open a blue milk, light up your bluntsaber and get ready for a ride.


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RAMPANT SPECULATION! The Bird Boys, undeterred by the lack of substantive STAR WARS news, allow themselves to GO ROGUE and talk in depth about current STAR WARS RUMORS.

Is Hayden Christensen returning to Star Wars?

Are the original theatrical cuts coming to home video?

Does Gwendoline Christie get to take off the damn mask?

This and much, much more in this week's Talking Bird

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Jon & Robert go in-depth on "Star Wars: Aftermath". Does Star Wars have what it takes to discuss sex and sexuality? What happens if Robert doesn't like the new characters? Should Jon buy "The Art of The Force Awakens" without seeing the movie? Is "Uprising" worth buying an Ipad for? Was there a war going on when you signed your selective service card? This and much more on "Talking Bird: the Special Edition" Ep. 18.

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Robert and Jon are disappointed with "Force Friday" and new Star Wars canon in general. Star Wars soundtrack news. Robert sings. Would you like to know more? Press, "Play" on your Zune.

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New Star Wars toy unboxing talk. Was Luke a responsible lightsaber owner? Do we already know what character Felicity Jones is playing in "Rogue One". Is the Darth Vader PS4 a good deal? Is instagram the best way to market a Star Wars movie? Which "The Force Awakens" figure will end up in the bargain bin?

All this and more on this week's Talking Bird: The Special Edition.

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Star Wars talk. Empire = Nazis? Kylo Ren isn't a Sith? Digital Tarkin? Tom Baker voices ____? Is Occulus Rift the future of movies or the end of them? These and many more questions on this week's Talking Bird.


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Back in the Saddle with Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Rogue One talk. We give our opinions on the new D23 poster, Colin Trevorrow, and the new Rogue One cast photo. Is the Disney/Lucasfilm the new RKO? Are the Anthology films sourced from George's old TV scripts? Jon isn't sold the all the "earth tones" in "Rogue One". Is Biggs back? Micro Machines and more, more, more!.

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Star Wars overkill? Old dudes just love their physcial media. Are three live-action Star Wars TV shows on the horizon? Does Robert know he makes an annoying clicking sound with his mouth sometimes?(Yes, sorry about that and my stuffy nose) Is Star Wars poaching Game of Thrones? Star Wars Steelbooks and our ideas for new covers. Ben Kenobi gets a backstory in comic form and neither bird boy is that impressed.

This, and much, much more on Talking Bird: The Special Edition

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Psssst...hey kid, wanna hear two dudes talk about Star Wars for two hours? Cool.

The bird boys get light on news and heavy on conversation about Star Wars. Questions raised: are there enough ladies in the new Star Wars films, How do SW films rank in our personal top 10 favorite movies of all time. Is Lando Calrissian the most under utilized character in the SW universe. We also talk about Marvel Comic's new "Lando Calrissian" miniseries. Who else needs a miniseries? Robert confesses his age once again and Jon admits he doesn't read comics (aside from SW). Fun times. Get on the bandwagon.

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It's a Star Wars news catch-up week. A stuffy-nosed Robert podcasts from his childhood bedroom, while Jon keeps the bird-boys on task from the Lone Star State.

Topics covered: Lightsabers vs hand to hand combat, 'Rogue One" Bounty Hunters, Carrie Fisher's impending Star Wars memoir, the creative contributions of ROTJ director, Richard Marquand, David Lynch impressions, hamburgers and much, much more.

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This week the bird boys talk about the Star Wars Comicon 2015 video. They talk music, they talk about the value of "real sets" and "practical effects", they talk about their favorite things you might have missed. (if you haven't seen the video, go find it)

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A Portland Comedian and all-around nice lady,Veronica Heath, has been in the hospital for almost two weeks due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, even though she's on the mend, anything you can donate to her would be awesome. Thanks!

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Stop This Endless Star Wars News! Jon & Robert talk "Episode 8" casting, make Comicon predictions, Han Solo -- solo movie? Why did Ben Kenobi know the Mos Eisely Cantina was Road House in space? Video Games. We pitch our Stormtrooper designs.

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Think we covered everything Star Wars in last week's marathon episode? Think again. This week we go in-depth on Star Wars: Rebels "The Siege at Lothal". Topics covered: Character designs, overuse of Jedi, Darth Vader's weight, shouldn't "Rogue One" be filming right now?

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After a two week break, the Bird Boys return refreshed and ready to talk Star Wars news and views. Covered: comics, canon, apprehension about Rogue One, the underappreciated Princess Leia, Frank Herbert?, Jedi dectectors. Sammy gives a woof. This is a long one. Perfectly fine to put half in the fridge for later.

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Jon's last episode as an unmarried. ILM talk. Robert whines about "Tron 3". Both of the bird boys realize they are too old for trading cards, virtual or otherwise. Expanded universe talk. Robert refers to JJ Abrams as "JJ", like he knows him or something. Enjoy. Follow us @talkingbirdcast. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening.

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Not a lot of fresh Star Wars news...instead...Bedsheet talk! Vader talk! Sometimes Robert talks in circles and belabors a point that even he doesn't get. Jon's internet cuts out. You know the drill. Thanks for listening. follow us @talkingbirdcast email us at talkingbirdcast at the google mail. Please give us a good review where podcasts are reviewed.

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Robert & Jon talk more about Star Wars. Star Wars TV pitches? Robert claims there are 30 Star Wars podcasts without checking. TWO count them TWO Farscape mentions. Carrie Fisher impressions. The Lando Calrissian Mysteries after Matlock on CBS. Thanks for listening.

Shoutouts to and SF Barkast

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Star Wars, schmar wars. So much news, so much to talk about. Jon gets a new microphone. We read Vanity Fair like a couple of rich dudes. We defend the prequels (kinda), talk about the future of Lucas-less franchise. We talked so much, I had to take a nap afterwards. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend. Follow us @talkingbirdcast, email us at

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May the Fourth Be With You! Jon and Robert are back to celebrate Star Wars Day. They talk about Vanity Fair pictures, Adam Driver's face, fired directors and many other topics you may find interesting. Follow them @talkingbirdcast

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A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away...Two dudes got together to analyze season 3 of "Eagleheart". Faced with end of their beloved show, the two dudes went into hibernation until they decided they had to share their views on STAR WARS with the rest of the world...

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