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Not a lot of fresh Star Wars news...instead...Bedsheet talk! Vader talk! Sometimes Robert talks in circles and belabors a point that even he doesn't get. Jon's internet cuts out. You know the drill. Thanks for listening. follow us @talkingbirdcast email us at talkingbirdcast at the google mail. Please give us a good review where podcasts are reviewed.

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Robert & Jon talk more about Star Wars. Star Wars TV pitches? Robert claims there are 30 Star Wars podcasts without checking. TWO count them TWO Farscape mentions. Carrie Fisher impressions. The Lando Calrissian Mysteries after Matlock on CBS. Thanks for listening.

Shoutouts to and SF Barkast

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Star Wars, schmar wars. So much news, so much to talk about. Jon gets a new microphone. We read Vanity Fair like a couple of rich dudes. We defend the prequels (kinda), talk about the future of Lucas-less franchise. We talked so much, I had to take a nap afterwards. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend. Follow us @talkingbirdcast, email us at

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May the Fourth Be With You! Jon and Robert are back to celebrate Star Wars Day. They talk about Vanity Fair pictures, Adam Driver's face, fired directors and many other topics you may find interesting. Follow them @talkingbirdcast

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