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Star Wars talk. Empire = Nazis? Kylo Ren isn't a Sith? Digital Tarkin? Tom Baker voices ____? Is Occulus Rift the future of movies or the end of them? These and many more questions on this week's Talking Bird.


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Back in the Saddle with Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Rogue One talk. We give our opinions on the new D23 poster, Colin Trevorrow, and the new Rogue One cast photo. Is the Disney/Lucasfilm the new RKO? Are the Anthology films sourced from George's old TV scripts? Jon isn't sold the all the "earth tones" in "Rogue One". Is Biggs back? Micro Machines and more, more, more!.

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Star Wars overkill? Old dudes just love their physcial media. Are three live-action Star Wars TV shows on the horizon? Does Robert know he makes an annoying clicking sound with his mouth sometimes?(Yes, sorry about that and my stuffy nose) Is Star Wars poaching Game of Thrones? Star Wars Steelbooks and our ideas for new covers. Ben Kenobi gets a backstory in comic form and neither bird boy is that impressed.

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