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After our marathon The Force Awakens poster/trailer/music recap episode last week, we get caught up on the first two episodes of "Star Wars: Rebels", "Shattered Empire" and the "Lando" miniseries. We also talk about Marvel's "Star Wars" & "Darth Vader".

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This is a long one. We basically cover three things. Approximate times below.

0-1hrs -the Poster

1-2:45hrs - The Trailer

2:45-end The music of the trailer.


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Star Wars: Battlefront Beta review. Boba Fett casting rumors. Star Wars: Rebels & book news from New York Comicon. Lots of wheelhouse talk. Dig in.

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Star Wars Battlefront Talk. Jon reviews "Lost Stars". Does Han Solo have to die to make "The Force Awakens" a good movie? Disneyland is getting into Star Wars in a big way, but does that mean Tom Sawyer needs to pack a bag? Lots of "Star Wars: Rebels" talk. Don't read this description, just listen to the show.

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