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Jon & Robert spend the 33rd episode of TB:TSE talking a bit about nostalgia and then launch into a long discussion of the soundtrack to "The Force Awakens". They are getting a little disappointed with quality of Star Wars "supplemental material" these days and Robert loses his train of thought 8 bajillion times.


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The first Talking Bird of 2016 finds the Bird Boys ready to talk all things Star Wars. The Force Awakens has been in theater just over a month when Lucasfilm announces that Rian Johnson's Episode VIII has been pushed back to December 15th, 2017.

We discuss a recent video interview with ILM /TFA digital & practical effects artists and a Entertainment Weekly hosted interview with the writers of Episode VII

We also discuss our anxieties about "Rogue One" and generally dislike Marvel's "Vader Down" comic series.

We also pay tribute to an "oral history" of the message board that partially led to TB's creation.


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Just hours before the end of 2015, Jon & Robert sit down to discuss "The Force Awakens" for the first time. This long discussion is just the first of many to follow in 2016. Thanks for sticking with us. Happy New Year.


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