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Robert & Jon get up at the crack of dawn to bring you the best in Star Wars news and discussion (Which explains why Robert sounds "weird").

Subjects discussed: The delay of "The Making of The Force Awakens" book, urban explorers crash Episode VIII sets, Disney's Netlfix deal, what Rick McCallum is up to these days, and Jon has a new way to look at the prequels. That and much, much more on TB:TSE #45.

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You asked begged us...and we delivered. The 44th episode of "Talking Bird: TSE" is dedicated to an in-depth review of "Star Wars: Bloodlines" by Claudia Gray. We also talk a little about comics books. BEWARE, SPOILERS ABOUND!


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Episode #43. Jon & Robert are officially ok with Alden Ehrenreich being cast as Han Solo.  Tom Hardy rumors. Cate Blanchett? John Williams makes a joke. Jokes make Jon nervous. Robert rants about "Star Wars: Battlefront" and its just-announced sequel Robert reviews "Elstree 1976". The Bird Boys review "Poe Dameron" #2 and "Darth Vader" #20

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#Maythe4thBeWithYou !

Enjoy "Star Wars Day" 2016 with Jon & Robert as they discuss Star Wars news, views and comic books this week (Star Wars #18, Darth Vader #19. Obi-Wan & Anakin #4). They also debut their new web site at

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