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Happy #ForceFriday's Eve. On the 60th TB:TSE, Jon & Robert talk about the third season premiere of "Star Wars: Rebels". Won't you join them?


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Jon & Robert spend pretty much the entire episode talking about the news that Michael Giacchino has replaced Alexandre Desplat as the composer for "Star Wars: Rogue One" and everything they think that could entail. Enjoy.


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Fallow times for Star Wars news elicits more interesting conversations. The Bird Boys turn molehills into mountains for your listening pleasure.

What is Adam Driver talking about when he says he likes Ep 8, but is worried about the "scale"

Is no Maz Kanata in Ep 8 a possibility? Is that good or bad?

What does Star Wars on TNT mean to you?

Is worrying about the Han Solo movie going to drive Jon to an early grave?

How is Robert feeling about Godzilla these days?

Jetpacks in Rogue One?

Hopes and dreams for Season 3 of "Star Wars: Rebels"

Jon and Robert like "Poe Dameron #6"

That, and much more on TB:TSE #58.

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Jon & Robert turn a dry Star Wars news week into podcast gold by throwing about a dozen things against the proverbial wall and seeing what stuck.

Topics: Robert's hometown toy expedition, Galen Erso and Orson Krennic's relationship, Amy Hennig talks Star Wars (kinda), the future of Star Wars video games, Poe Dameron #5, Star Wars #22, and Han Solo #3 and much more.

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