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Sean Judy joins Robert to talk about "The Last Jedi". Don't think of it as a review and more as a conversation about what we thought of the newest Star Wars film. We covered a lot of topics and dipped into the controversy that is currently dividing Star Wars fans. Spoilers abound.

If you don't like hearing criticism and opinions then maybe give this episode a pass.


Hope you enjoy.




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Robert and Sean talk about Glenn Danzig.

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This is our last episode. We talk about Star Wars in this one. I think it was a pretty good episode from a pretty good show, but I'm biased. -R

Thanks to everyone who ever listened.

--The Bird Boys*






*We never really called ourselves 'Bird Boys'

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Jon gets a dog. The Bird Boys make an important announcement. Entertainment Weekly releases its "The Last Jedi" issue and it gets talked about. How many writers will Episode 9 have? That and much more on TB:TSE 91

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Jon reviews "Valerian". Robert complains about the "Blade Runner: 2049" trailer. Did Star Wars kill people's appetites for other kinds of space opera? Are Jon & Robert going to read any of the "Journey to the Last Jedi" book offerings? What kind of Star Wars game is Amy Hennig making over at Visceral? You get the picture. Thanks for listening.

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STAR WARS! D23 Sizzle Reel! "Teaser" Posters! Disney's "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge". Stuff, talking, Florida, you get the picture

Thanks for listening!

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After another break, Jon & Robert return to find Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo movie and Jon wonders if Opie has got the goods. Robert loves "Apollo 13" too much to have perspective. Will a proper trailer or "behind the scenes" sizzle reel drop at D23? Can Lucasfilm loosen the creative reigns with directors or should they even try?  "Screaming Citadel" and Star Wars #33 & Darth Vader #2 get reviewed.

Thanks for sticking with us.



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Holy Smokes! "Han Solo" directors Phil Lord and Chris get fired over "Creative Differences" and the Bird Boys return to break down all the speculation and speculate even more. Star Wars Drama, just in time for Summer! Is Star Wars reluctant to take risks or did Kathy Kennedy save a sinking ship?


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Jon & Robert analyze Annie Leibovitz's recent "The Last Jedi" photo shoot for Vanity Fair. They ruminate on the disclosure that Lucasfilm is making everything up as the go. Robert really wishes Rian Johnson would stay off Twitter and Jon has some pitches for standalone Star Wars films. Stick around till the end for another unfounded TLJ theory from Robert.


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Early in the 21st Century, the Bird Boys advanced amateur broadcasting in the NEXUS phase - a show virtually identical to 1000 other programs --known as a PODCAST.

Special microphones were purchased to record a weekly conversation about Star Wars.

This was not just a podcast.

It was called Talking Bird: The Special Edtion.


Oh, and we reviewed the book "Thrawn" as well.


Thanks for listening.


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Jon & Robert talk about the weather and find themselves somewhat indifferent to "May the Fourth". Robert tries to find meaning in the movie 'Monster Trucks'. Jon waxes nostalgic for the Lando-centric minor league baseball jersey that got away. The Bird Boys get caught up on Marvel's Star Wars comics (mostly) and discuss "The Last Jedi" costumes.

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Jon has a birthday. We talk about Star Wars. Robert thinks Rian Johnson should stay off Twitter for a few months. Enjoy and thanks for listening


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After a brief hiatus, The Bird Boys finally get around to giving their thoughts on Star Wars Celebration 40th anniversary panel,  "The Last Jedi" teaser trailer and poster. Is Robert going to buy "Battlefront II"?  I think you should just listen and stop expecting me to recap all this yammering. -R


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Han Solo's real name? Bob Iger says Disney will make Star Wars movies for the next 300 years. Robert talks about his recent purchase of the Ralph McQuarrie book. Rebel's Season 3 finale and hopes for season 4 and much more. This show description is actually a chain letter. If you don't share this podcast with five friends in the next seven days, Robert will come to your house in a Jar Jar Binks T-shirt and throw lunchmeat at your window. Mesa not joking.


Thanks for listening


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PRODUCER'S NOTE: This week's episode contains some excessive potty mouth in the early part and is not for sensitive ears.


Does the Lucasfilm Story Group know anything about Jazz? Is Star Wars playing it too safe with it's filming locales? Does Jon hear John O'Hurley everywhere? Did the Bird Boys enjoy the return of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Rebels's "Twin Sons"? Is Marvel's "Doctor Aphra" #5 still fitting the bill?

Thanks for listening


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Jon reviews "Aftermath: Empire's End". Robert tells a story about Robyn Hitchcock and the Ides of March that has no point. Gareth Edwards talks "Rogue One" last-minute additions (He doesn't appear, we actually talk about them). Frank Oz is mum on Yoda. Jon and Robert have very different experiences with Star Wars: Rebels "Double Agent Droid" and that's okay. A listener has a question and we do our best to answer it.

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Rebels "Secret Passenger" review, How much of a western will the "Han Solo" movie be. Thrawn at ECCC, and much, much more on TB:TSE #78.


Thanks for listening


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No Oscars for "Rogue One". Probably no Oscar for Mark Hamill. Will Episode VIII reshoots give Princess Leia a proper goodbye or cause new problems? Do you want to be in Episode IX? Do 'Space Nazis' need their own book? What does collecting Stormtrooper memorabilia really mean? 'Rogue One' gets a making of book, but is there enough meat on the bone to make it an interesting read. Agent Kallus stars in his own Rebels epsiode, "Through Imperial Eyes", but are we really seeing how the Empire works? That and much more on TB:TSE #77

Thanks for listening 

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Rogue One comes to home video. "Han Solo" releases a cast photo. 40th Anniversary toys are cool, but Robert wants to play with his dolls.  Rian Johnson edits "The Last Jedi" to John Williams's score. "Inferno Squad" hopefully tells us what's up with Beezer Fortuna. A defense of Jar Jar Binks. Rebels ""Legacy of Mandalore" and much, much more on Talking Bird: The Special Edition #76

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No one is more surprised than us that TB:TSE has reached its 75th episode. Sorry we didn't buy a cake, it snuck up on us.

Topics covered: John Williams wins a Grammy. Jimmy Vee assumes the mantle of R2-D2. What does Kathy Kennedy & Rian Johnson have cooked up for Celebration Orlando? Thandie Newton joins the Han Solo movie? Mars, but with snow? Is 'Screaming Citadel' a comic crossover or a progressive metal album? George Will's Sports Machine and Doctor Aphra #4.

Thanks for sticking with us.


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One day past the 20th anniversary of the release of "Star Wars: the Special Edition", Jon and Robert take stock of all the current Star Wars rumors fit to talk about.

Highlights include: Why no 'Best Costume' nod for 'Rogue One'. Robert doesn't know what a "Grody Jody" is. Jon is unexcited about a Darth Maul comic. Robert didn't get the "Red Cup" joke directors Lord/Miller put on their first image from the Han Solo movie. What is influencing Rian Johnson? "The Last Jedi" teaser imminent or still ways off? Did the Han Solo movie make Amy Hennig have to re-tool her Star Wars game. That and much more on TB:TSE #74

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Episode 73 of your favorite Star Wars podcast finds Jon & Robert with "The Last Jedi" on the brain. They don't think Woody Harrelson is playing Garris Shrike, but they want to see how Grand Admiral Thrawn thinks in Timothy Zahn's forthcoming novel.

Is Star Wars keeping Marvel comics afloat? Doctor Aphra is becoming the Bird Boys favorite new comic, despite her crappy dad.

They also review "Star Wars: Rebels" Sabine-centric episode "Trials of the Darksaber" and wonder why it took so long to give our favorite Mandalorian graffiti artist her due.

That, and much more on TB:TSE #73

Enjoy and thanks for listening




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After a week off, the Bird Boys return for all the Star Wars talk you can stand.

Robert & Jon see "Rogue One" for the third time and appreciate Donnie Yen & Forrest Whitaker's performances even more than ever.

They talk about rumors of a CGI General Leia and Robert admits he's just heard of the concept of "Uncanny Valley".

They also discuss "Star Wars: Rebels" episodes "Ghosts of Geonosis" and "Warhead" and Marvel's "Poe Dameron" issues 9 & 10.

That, and lots of Agent Terex talk on TB:TSE #72

Thanks for listening


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Episode 71 finds the Bird Boys being accused of being "bearish" on "Rogue One". They answer their critic head-on and continue their "Rogue One"conversation with more analysis of the film itself. They also talk about Michael Giacchino's score and find themselves in opposition.

They also do a bit of comparison/contrast of JJ Abrams and Gareth Edwards's take on Star Wars.

The finish up with some discussion of the upcoming mid-season premiere of "Rebels" and some "Han Solo" casting rumors

Thanks for listening.



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