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Episode 73 of your favorite Star Wars podcast finds Jon & Robert with "The Last Jedi" on the brain. They don't think Woody Harrelson is playing Garris Shrike, but they want to see how Grand Admiral Thrawn thinks in Timothy Zahn's forthcoming novel.

Is Star Wars keeping Marvel comics afloat? Doctor Aphra is becoming the Bird Boys favorite new comic, despite her crappy dad.

They also review "Star Wars: Rebels" Sabine-centric episode "Trials of the Darksaber" and wonder why it took so long to give our favorite Mandalorian graffiti artist her due.

That, and much more on TB:TSE #73

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After a week off, the Bird Boys return for all the Star Wars talk you can stand.

Robert & Jon see "Rogue One" for the third time and appreciate Donnie Yen & Forrest Whitaker's performances even more than ever.

They talk about rumors of a CGI General Leia and Robert admits he's just heard of the concept of "Uncanny Valley".

They also discuss "Star Wars: Rebels" episodes "Ghosts of Geonosis" and "Warhead" and Marvel's "Poe Dameron" issues 9 & 10.

That, and lots of Agent Terex talk on TB:TSE #72

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Episode 71 finds the Bird Boys being accused of being "bearish" on "Rogue One". They answer their critic head-on and continue their "Rogue One"conversation with more analysis of the film itself. They also talk about Michael Giacchino's score and find themselves in opposition.

They also do a bit of comparison/contrast of JJ Abrams and Gareth Edwards's take on Star Wars.

The finish up with some discussion of the upcoming mid-season premiere of "Rebels" and some "Han Solo" casting rumors

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