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Rogue One comes to home video. "Han Solo" releases a cast photo. 40th Anniversary toys are cool, but Robert wants to play with his dolls.  Rian Johnson edits "The Last Jedi" to John Williams's score. "Inferno Squad" hopefully tells us what's up with Beezer Fortuna. A defense of Jar Jar Binks. Rebels ""Legacy of Mandalore" and much, much more on Talking Bird: The Special Edition #76

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No one is more surprised than us that TB:TSE has reached its 75th episode. Sorry we didn't buy a cake, it snuck up on us.

Topics covered: John Williams wins a Grammy. Jimmy Vee assumes the mantle of R2-D2. What does Kathy Kennedy & Rian Johnson have cooked up for Celebration Orlando? Thandie Newton joins the Han Solo movie? Mars, but with snow? Is 'Screaming Citadel' a comic crossover or a progressive metal album? George Will's Sports Machine and Doctor Aphra #4.

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One day past the 20th anniversary of the release of "Star Wars: the Special Edition", Jon and Robert take stock of all the current Star Wars rumors fit to talk about.

Highlights include: Why no 'Best Costume' nod for 'Rogue One'. Robert doesn't know what a "Grody Jody" is. Jon is unexcited about a Darth Maul comic. Robert didn't get the "Red Cup" joke directors Lord/Miller put on their first image from the Han Solo movie. What is influencing Rian Johnson? "The Last Jedi" teaser imminent or still ways off? Did the Han Solo movie make Amy Hennig have to re-tool her Star Wars game. That and much more on TB:TSE #74

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