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Sean and Robert take another pass at an Episode 9 preview before delving into a conversation about the first five episodes of Disney's "The Mandalorian"


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The Salt Vampire of M-113...Lot's Wife...neither are saltier that the Two Dudes when they begin to discuss Disney's final nail in the Skywalker's coffin and the state of the Star Wars franchise in general.

Join us for a opinionated, sometimes bawdy, but always interesting conversation.

Strong Language light is ON.



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"Solo: A Star Wars Story (tm)" the Star Wars movie that nobody asked for, but everyone has an opinion about. 

Robert & Sean break down the good, the bad and robosexual about the movie. 

Did Alden Erenreich meet fan expectation or will he be sitting next to Brandon Routh at "Moldy Comicon '20"?

Are Star Wars fans their own worst enemies?

What you thought about L3-37 and what that means about you.

Does Solo's poor box office mean the beginning of the end for Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm?

And much more.

Language and opinions ahead.

Thanks for listening.

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It's self explanatory. Sean and Robert had a lot of fun just going over the highs and lows of "Alien" movie series. They spend most of their time on Alien, Aliens, & Alien3, but everything gets talked about. 

Hope you enjoy.


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Sean Judy joins Robert to talk about "The Last Jedi". Don't think of it as a review and more as a conversation about what we thought of the newest Star Wars film. We covered a lot of topics and dipped into the controversy that is currently dividing Star Wars fans. Spoilers abound.

If you don't like hearing criticism and opinions then maybe give this episode a pass.


Hope you enjoy.




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This is our last episode. We talk about Star Wars in this one. I think it was a pretty good episode from a pretty good show, but I'm biased. -R

Thanks to everyone who ever listened.

--The Bird Boys*






*We never really called ourselves 'Bird Boys'

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Jon gets a dog. The Bird Boys make an important announcement. Entertainment Weekly releases its "The Last Jedi" issue and it gets talked about. How many writers will Episode 9 have? That and much more on TB:TSE 91

Thanks for listening


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Jon reviews "Valerian". Robert complains about the "Blade Runner: 2049" trailer. Did Star Wars kill people's appetites for other kinds of space opera? Are Jon & Robert going to read any of the "Journey to the Last Jedi" book offerings? What kind of Star Wars game is Amy Hennig making over at Visceral? You get the picture. Thanks for listening.

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STAR WARS! D23 Sizzle Reel! "Teaser" Posters! Disney's "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge". Stuff, talking, Florida, you get the picture

Thanks for listening!

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After another break, Jon & Robert return to find Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo movie and Jon wonders if Opie has got the goods. Robert loves "Apollo 13" too much to have perspective. Will a proper trailer or "behind the scenes" sizzle reel drop at D23? Can Lucasfilm loosen the creative reigns with directors or should they even try?  "Screaming Citadel" and Star Wars #33 & Darth Vader #2 get reviewed.

Thanks for sticking with us.



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Holy Smokes! "Han Solo" directors Phil Lord and Chris get fired over "Creative Differences" and the Bird Boys return to break down all the speculation and speculate even more. Star Wars Drama, just in time for Summer! Is Star Wars reluctant to take risks or did Kathy Kennedy save a sinking ship?


Thanks for listening


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Jon & Robert analyze Annie Leibovitz's recent "The Last Jedi" photo shoot for Vanity Fair. They ruminate on the disclosure that Lucasfilm is making everything up as the go. Robert really wishes Rian Johnson would stay off Twitter and Jon has some pitches for standalone Star Wars films. Stick around till the end for another unfounded TLJ theory from Robert.


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Early in the 21st Century, the Bird Boys advanced amateur broadcasting in the NEXUS phase - a show virtually identical to 1000 other programs --known as a PODCAST.

Special microphones were purchased to record a weekly conversation about Star Wars.

This was not just a podcast.

It was called Talking Bird: The Special Edtion.


Oh, and we reviewed the book "Thrawn" as well.


Thanks for listening.


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Jon & Robert talk about the weather and find themselves somewhat indifferent to "May the Fourth". Robert tries to find meaning in the movie 'Monster Trucks'. Jon waxes nostalgic for the Lando-centric minor league baseball jersey that got away. The Bird Boys get caught up on Marvel's Star Wars comics (mostly) and discuss "The Last Jedi" costumes.

Thanks for listening


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Jon has a birthday. We talk about Star Wars. Robert thinks Rian Johnson should stay off Twitter for a few months. Enjoy and thanks for listening


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After a brief hiatus, The Bird Boys finally get around to giving their thoughts on Star Wars Celebration 40th anniversary panel,  "The Last Jedi" teaser trailer and poster. Is Robert going to buy "Battlefront II"?  I think you should just listen and stop expecting me to recap all this yammering. -R


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Han Solo's real name? Bob Iger says Disney will make Star Wars movies for the next 300 years. Robert talks about his recent purchase of the Ralph McQuarrie book. Rebel's Season 3 finale and hopes for season 4 and much more. This show description is actually a chain letter. If you don't share this podcast with five friends in the next seven days, Robert will come to your house in a Jar Jar Binks T-shirt and throw lunchmeat at your window. Mesa not joking.


Thanks for listening


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PRODUCER'S NOTE: This week's episode contains some excessive potty mouth in the early part and is not for sensitive ears.


Does the Lucasfilm Story Group know anything about Jazz? Is Star Wars playing it too safe with it's filming locales? Does Jon hear John O'Hurley everywhere? Did the Bird Boys enjoy the return of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Rebels's "Twin Sons"? Is Marvel's "Doctor Aphra" #5 still fitting the bill?

Thanks for listening


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Jon reviews "Aftermath: Empire's End". Robert tells a story about Robyn Hitchcock and the Ides of March that has no point. Gareth Edwards talks "Rogue One" last-minute additions (He doesn't appear, we actually talk about them). Frank Oz is mum on Yoda. Jon and Robert have very different experiences with Star Wars: Rebels "Double Agent Droid" and that's okay. A listener has a question and we do our best to answer it.

Thanks for listening


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Rebels "Secret Passenger" review, How much of a western will the "Han Solo" movie be. Thrawn at ECCC, and much, much more on TB:TSE #78.


Thanks for listening


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No Oscars for "Rogue One". Probably no Oscar for Mark Hamill. Will Episode VIII reshoots give Princess Leia a proper goodbye or cause new problems? Do you want to be in Episode IX? Do 'Space Nazis' need their own book? What does collecting Stormtrooper memorabilia really mean? 'Rogue One' gets a making of book, but is there enough meat on the bone to make it an interesting read. Agent Kallus stars in his own Rebels epsiode, "Through Imperial Eyes", but are we really seeing how the Empire works? That and much more on TB:TSE #77

Thanks for listening 

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Rogue One comes to home video. "Han Solo" releases a cast photo. 40th Anniversary toys are cool, but Robert wants to play with his dolls.  Rian Johnson edits "The Last Jedi" to John Williams's score. "Inferno Squad" hopefully tells us what's up with Beezer Fortuna. A defense of Jar Jar Binks. Rebels ""Legacy of Mandalore" and much, much more on Talking Bird: The Special Edition #76

Thanks for listening


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No one is more surprised than us that TB:TSE has reached its 75th episode. Sorry we didn't buy a cake, it snuck up on us.

Topics covered: John Williams wins a Grammy. Jimmy Vee assumes the mantle of R2-D2. What does Kathy Kennedy & Rian Johnson have cooked up for Celebration Orlando? Thandie Newton joins the Han Solo movie? Mars, but with snow? Is 'Screaming Citadel' a comic crossover or a progressive metal album? George Will's Sports Machine and Doctor Aphra #4.

Thanks for sticking with us.


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One day past the 20th anniversary of the release of "Star Wars: the Special Edition", Jon and Robert take stock of all the current Star Wars rumors fit to talk about.

Highlights include: Why no 'Best Costume' nod for 'Rogue One'. Robert doesn't know what a "Grody Jody" is. Jon is unexcited about a Darth Maul comic. Robert didn't get the "Red Cup" joke directors Lord/Miller put on their first image from the Han Solo movie. What is influencing Rian Johnson? "The Last Jedi" teaser imminent or still ways off? Did the Han Solo movie make Amy Hennig have to re-tool her Star Wars game. That and much more on TB:TSE #74

Thanks for listening



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Episode 73 of your favorite Star Wars podcast finds Jon & Robert with "The Last Jedi" on the brain. They don't think Woody Harrelson is playing Garris Shrike, but they want to see how Grand Admiral Thrawn thinks in Timothy Zahn's forthcoming novel.

Is Star Wars keeping Marvel comics afloat? Doctor Aphra is becoming the Bird Boys favorite new comic, despite her crappy dad.

They also review "Star Wars: Rebels" Sabine-centric episode "Trials of the Darksaber" and wonder why it took so long to give our favorite Mandalorian graffiti artist her due.

That, and much more on TB:TSE #73

Enjoy and thanks for listening




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After a week off, the Bird Boys return for all the Star Wars talk you can stand.

Robert & Jon see "Rogue One" for the third time and appreciate Donnie Yen & Forrest Whitaker's performances even more than ever.

They talk about rumors of a CGI General Leia and Robert admits he's just heard of the concept of "Uncanny Valley".

They also discuss "Star Wars: Rebels" episodes "Ghosts of Geonosis" and "Warhead" and Marvel's "Poe Dameron" issues 9 & 10.

That, and lots of Agent Terex talk on TB:TSE #72

Thanks for listening


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Episode 71 finds the Bird Boys being accused of being "bearish" on "Rogue One". They answer their critic head-on and continue their "Rogue One"conversation with more analysis of the film itself. They also talk about Michael Giacchino's score and find themselves in opposition.

They also do a bit of comparison/contrast of JJ Abrams and Gareth Edwards's take on Star Wars.

The finish up with some discussion of the upcoming mid-season premiere of "Rebels" and some "Han Solo" casting rumors

Thanks for listening.



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2016 has come to a close and we were able to get together one last time this year to release our 70th episode aka the "Rogue One" review show. This was the episode I've been waiting all year to record. I've been chomping at the bit to talk about the film since December 15th and was eagerly awaiting for Jon & my schedules to align. 

Carrie Fisher's death has hit Star Wars fans hard. She was an amazing actor, writer and person. Her sense of humor and willingness to interact with fans made her an essential part of Star Wars, long after she had hung up her blaster.

Having her return to Star Wars after thirty years was a gift. Knowing we have one more opportunity to see General Leia in December 2017 is the closest thing to a "bright side" I can find. 

I hope our brief discussion of Carrie Fisher's life and work at the top of the show can add in some small way to the countless tributes I have seen in the last day. I know we will continue to speak about Carrie in future episodes to come.

On behalf of Jon & myself, I would like to thank you for listening to our podcast this year and hope to see you in 2017.




P.S. Sorry for the F-bomb during the Rogue One segment.

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On the cusp of the US release of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", Jon and Robert take a final pass at speculation and conversation about the first standalone Star Wars movie. 

Topics Covered: Gareth Edwards vs JJ Abrams as visual stylists. More reshoot talk. Vague "early buzz" from people who have seen it. The creatures of "Rogue One" and what we think of them. Reviews of Star Wars: Rebels episodes, "The Wynkathu Job", "An Inside Man" and the mid-season finale, "Visions and Voices". Shrimp.

This is probably the last TB of 2016. We will be back asap to give our thoughts on the movie. We hope it's good. Thanks for listening.


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Episode 68 aka the 68th time Jon & Robert talk about Star Wars.


Topics: Does George Lucas really love Rogue One? Doctor Aphra #1, Star Wars #25 and Star Wars Annual #2 and much, much more.

Thanks for listening.

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We hope you aren't too stuffed from Thanksgiving because the Bird Boys have another helping of Star Wars speculation and reviews for you.

Topics covered: Rogue One tickets. What really is a "spoiler"? Michael Giacchino's take on Star Wars. What's the deal with Desplat? John Knoll aka Mr "Hobbies". Robert bitches about "Star Wars: Battlefront" (again). The the excellent finale to Marvel's "Han Solo" miniseries.

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Put down that dry turkey and pick up the juiciest, most succulent, cooked to perfection Star Wars podcast ever to use food metaphors.

Jon & Robert talk about Emilia Clarke joining the Han Solo movie, the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Iron Squadron" and end with an in-depth, spoiler filled review of the Rogue One prequel novel "Catalyst" by James Luceno. 

We also talk about a bunch of other stuff you can hear for yourself on TB:TSE Ep 66

Thanks for listening

Thanks for listening.

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Happy 38th Anniversary Star Wars Holiday Special!

Jon & Robert start the episode with a (thankfully brief) discussion of the infamous "Holiday Special" before moving on to fresher fare in the form of the newest behind the scenes "Rogue One" trailer and some more speculation about the movie due in theaters in just under a month.

They round out the episode with reviews of "Star Wars: Rebels" episodes, "The Antilles Extraction", "Hera's Heroes", "The Last Battle" and "Imperial Super Commandos"

Dig in and thanks for listening



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Jon & Robert talk about the new "Rogue One" international trailer. Jon review's E.K. Johnston's "Ahsoka" novel. They also catch up on "Star Wars", "Poe Dameron" and Han Solo comics. 


Thanks for listening


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After a two week break, Jon & Robert jump right into "Star Wars razor talk", then Donald Glover talk, then some Lando/Han relationship talk, some poster talk, some Rogue One /Ep 8 rumors and soundtrack talk, and finally talk a lot about Darth Vader #25 and the forthcoming Dr Aphra comic. That's a lot of talk.

Thanks for listening

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Robert starts Episode 62 by saying that he and Jon won't spend the whole episode talking about the Rogue One final trailer. Then he and Jon proceed to talk about the Rogue One trailer (and new poster) the whole show. They have complicated feelings and the takes are hot and fresh.

Enjoy and thanks for listening.


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Robert talks about his first "Force Friday" and his burgeoning Star Wars figure collection. Jon talks "kit-bashing" collectors. The phrase "measuring crotches" is uttered. Will "Rogue One" involve a Vader makeover? Marvel's Star Wars issue #23 and Star Wars: Rebels "Holocrons of Fate" are talked about in-depth. That and much more on TB:TSE #61

Thanks for listening


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Happy #ForceFriday's Eve. On the 60th TB:TSE, Jon & Robert talk about the third season premiere of "Star Wars: Rebels". Won't you join them?


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Jon & Robert spend pretty much the entire episode talking about the news that Michael Giacchino has replaced Alexandre Desplat as the composer for "Star Wars: Rogue One" and everything they think that could entail. Enjoy.


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Fallow times for Star Wars news elicits more interesting conversations. The Bird Boys turn molehills into mountains for your listening pleasure.

What is Adam Driver talking about when he says he likes Ep 8, but is worried about the "scale"

Is no Maz Kanata in Ep 8 a possibility? Is that good or bad?

What does Star Wars on TNT mean to you?

Is worrying about the Han Solo movie going to drive Jon to an early grave?

How is Robert feeling about Godzilla these days?

Jetpacks in Rogue One?

Hopes and dreams for Season 3 of "Star Wars: Rebels"

Jon and Robert like "Poe Dameron #6"

That, and much more on TB:TSE #58.

Thanks for listening.


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Jon & Robert turn a dry Star Wars news week into podcast gold by throwing about a dozen things against the proverbial wall and seeing what stuck.

Topics: Robert's hometown toy expedition, Galen Erso and Orson Krennic's relationship, Amy Hennig talks Star Wars (kinda), the future of Star Wars video games, Poe Dameron #5, Star Wars #22, and Han Solo #3 and much more.

Thanks for listening

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Jon & Robert start this week's Star Wars talk by talking about the forthcoming book "The Secret History of Twin Peaks" by Mark Frost and ask if ancillary material is a net positive for fictional universes.

We wonder aloud what happened to J.W. Rinzler's cancelled "The Making of the Force Awakens" book.

Jon has a lot to say about the use of the Imperial March in the "Rogue One" trailer.

Robert doesn't think Boba Fett has any mystery left for his own film and maybe he should be left in the Pit of Carkoon , slowly digesting for a thousand years.

That, and much more on TB:TSE #56 Enjoy!

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LANDO, LANDO, LANDO!   The news that Lando Calrissian is coming aboard the "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story" movie. (or whatever they end up calling it.) is making the Talking Bird crew's week . But first, they pay tribute to the late, great Kenny Baker.

Looks like John Williams is back for Episode VIII (Jon breathes sigh of relief)

What do the Bird Boys think of the "Rogue One" trailer? (the answers may surprise you)

Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 will have 100% less Darth Vader? 

What did Jon & Robert think of the penultimate "Darth Vader" comic #24?

There's a lot to talk about on TB:TSE #55. Enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

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Less than 24 hours from the debut of the second "Rogue One" trailer (teaser?), Jon & Robert sit down to discuss all the Star Wars news fit to speak of, including: Jimmy Smits returns, should we judge Simon Kinberg on the movies he may or may not have written? Why can't Robert watch Dinah Shore 24/7? Robert & Jon are less than excited about
"The Force Awakens" coming to 3D blu-ray. We finish with Jon's in-depth review of "Aftermath II: Life Debt". That, and much more on Ep 54 of TB:TSE.


Thanks for listening,


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More Rogue One talk. Jon tells us how he really feels about U-Wings. Dave Prowse is feeling left out of the recent Darth Vader love-fest and the Bird Boys can't blame him (that much). What was the point of Rogue One commercial? How do you market movies to nerds? Darth Vader #23 & Star Wars #23 comic talk. That, and Jaime Farr on this week's "Talking Bird: The Special Edition".

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Star Wars Episode VIII shooting wrapped (for now). What's it going to be about? Three Han Solo movies? Video games. Robert breaks down and buys Battlefront Season Pass. Where did the U-Wing go? Toy talk and much, much more on TB:TSE #52

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Jon & Robert didn't go to Star Wars Celebration Europe, but they talk about the "Rogue One" and Star Wars Rebels panels for a long, long time.


Thanks for listening.

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The Bird Boys Celebrate 50 episodes by doing what they always do -- talk about Star Wars news and views. They thank you for listening and hope you'll stick around for more.


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After a two week break, the bird boys intended to get caught up on all the Star Wars news fit to speak about, but immediately digress into conversations about animated dinosaur moves neither of them have seen.

They also discuss the Entertainment Weekly "Rogue One" feature.

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Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEditionEpisode49.mp3
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E3 Star Wars games, Star Wars Lego TV Series, and who the heck is composing music for Star Wars movies?

We review Poe Dameron #3 and Darth Vader #21

Enjoy. Thanks for listening.


Direct download: talkingbirdtheSpecialEditionEpisode48.mp3
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Jon and Robert talk breaking news from the Star Wars Episode VIII set, further discuss "Rogue One" reshoot rumors, gab about beautiful bean footage, Star Wars comics and much more.


Direct download: talkingbirdtheSpecialEditionEpisode47.mp3
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STAR WARS TALK! Jon & Robert delve into the reports of "Rogue One" reshoots and if that's means Disney is nervous about a "gritty" Star Wars in the wake "Batman V. Superman". They talk a little about what they think "tone" is. Then they delve deeply a into a listener email about whether or not "The Force Awakens" could have been a full reboot.

A great conversation. Check it out.

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Robert & Jon get up at the crack of dawn to bring you the best in Star Wars news and discussion (Which explains why Robert sounds "weird").

Subjects discussed: The delay of "The Making of The Force Awakens" book, urban explorers crash Episode VIII sets, Disney's Netlfix deal, what Rick McCallum is up to these days, and Jon has a new way to look at the prequels. That and much, much more on TB:TSE #45.

Thanks for listening

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You asked begged us...and we delivered. The 44th episode of "Talking Bird: TSE" is dedicated to an in-depth review of "Star Wars: Bloodlines" by Claudia Gray. We also talk a little about comics books. BEWARE, SPOILERS ABOUND!


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Episode #43. Jon & Robert are officially ok with Alden Ehrenreich being cast as Han Solo.  Tom Hardy rumors. Cate Blanchett? John Williams makes a joke. Jokes make Jon nervous. Robert rants about "Star Wars: Battlefront" and its just-announced sequel Robert reviews "Elstree 1976". The Bird Boys review "Poe Dameron" #2 and "Darth Vader" #20

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#Maythe4thBeWithYou !

Enjoy "Star Wars Day" 2016 with Jon & Robert as they discuss Star Wars news, views and comic books this week (Star Wars #18, Darth Vader #19. Obi-Wan & Anakin #4). They also debut their new web site at

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Jon and Robert change gears this week and talk about Showtime's revival of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks". More specifically, they tackle the enormous cast list released to media this week. Lots of new faces, lots of returning favorites and a few suspicious absences in this list. We hope you enjoy this brief break from Star Wars and be assured we will return to a galaxy far, far away next week. Enjoy.

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Talking Bird: The Special Edition turns 40 this week and you get all the gifts. We start with a little music talk and then move into the Star Wars. I could tell you about all the things we talk about, but that would take the fun out of it. Please enjoy and share with your friends who like Star Wars podcasts.

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p.s. Sorry about the 420 joke. I'm not good with drug humor. -R

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After an unplanned hiatus, Jon & Robert return to talk about Star Wars. We hope you're still out there because we talk about the "Rogue One" trailer, "The Force Awakens" home video release. We discuss the use (or overuse) of "canon" when it comes to Star Wars. Robert complains about comic books and much...much..more.

We discuss this article. Worth a read.

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p.s. I hope we are able to convey in our conversations, that in our humble opinion(s), the only real criteria for being a Star Wars fan is liking Star Wars. It's meant be enjoyed by all who want to enjoy it.

Thanks for listening to us talk.

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Jon & Robert return after a week break with surprising low energy. Is it not enough vitamin D or the thought of a 5th Indiana Jones movie on the horizon? Either way, Robert is concerned about George Lucas.

We talk about Ep VIII filming in Dubrovnik (on a boat even).

Jon ponders if they leaning too heavily on Ralph McQuarrie paintings from 40 years ago.

Robert bemoans the lack of Rogue One news.

Then the bird boys grouse about the Han Solo casting options.

There's a lot more, but you get the picture. It's Star Wars talk, kids.


Thanks for listening

Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEdition38.mp3
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If there's something strange in your neighborhood, it's likely Jon & Robert talking about the new "Ghostbusters" trailer before talking about all the latest Star Wars news and views.

Topics covered: Star Wars shutout at the Oscars, The Force Awakens finally announced for home video, VIDEO FORMAT WARS, and we finish up with an in-depth discussion about the Rebels episodes "The Honorable Ones" & "The Shroud of Darkness" and much more.


What's your take?

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecailEdition37.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 5:51pm PDT

After taking a week off (just long enough for Robert to catch a cold. Sorry for the lozenge sounds) the Bird Boys return to talk about Episode VII & Star Wars Rebels.

Subjects covered

Journal of the Whills

George Lucas playing lose with the Star Wars Canon

More of Robert's dumb theories that he thinks up at 2 a.m.

When does TFA come out on video and will Jon buy it?

Is Croatia the former Yugoslavia?

Drifting accents


Will Princess Leia finally get something to do?

and much, much more

(again, sorry for the lozenge sounds -R)

Thanks for listening!

Direct download: TalkinbirdtheSpecialEdtion36.mp3
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Do you read these descriptions? I do. I like to know what I'm getting into before I listen to a podcast. What if I listen to a podcast and I don't like it? I can't return it to the iTunes store and get my money back. Why not? Well, I can't guarantee that you will like Episode 35 of Talking Bird: The Special Edition. I don't promise that Jon & Robert talk about comedy and Star Wars Headspace, Star Wars comic books, rumors new and old and few other things. We all lead busy lives and I don't feel good about making promises. You can gamble with your time and listen and maybe you will enjoy this, maybe not. It's up to you.

Thanks for Listening (only if you actually listen. No free thank yous)




Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEdition35.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 10:43pm PDT

The first week of February has the Bird Boys full of lots of Star Wars news and views. Robert gets a new chair. A brief, heartfelt tribute to the late comedian Bob Elliott follows. Bone Collectors vs Bone Daddies, Fett...Fett..Fett... Video Games (again?). Robert says "face acting" a lot and Jon isn't buying it. Comic book decline? Is Rey the perfect force user? Is using real filming locations limiting potential of the design? And much much more.


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thanks for listening



Direct download: talkingbirdtheSpecialEdition34.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 5:47pm PDT

Jon & Robert spend the 33rd episode of TB:TSE talking a bit about nostalgia and then launch into a long discussion of the soundtrack to "The Force Awakens". They are getting a little disappointed with quality of Star Wars "supplemental material" these days and Robert loses his train of thought 8 bajillion times.


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Thanks for listening.

Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEdition33.mp3
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The first Talking Bird of 2016 finds the Bird Boys ready to talk all things Star Wars. The Force Awakens has been in theater just over a month when Lucasfilm announces that Rian Johnson's Episode VIII has been pushed back to December 15th, 2017.

We discuss a recent video interview with ILM /TFA digital & practical effects artists and a Entertainment Weekly hosted interview with the writers of Episode VII

We also discuss our anxieties about "Rogue One" and generally dislike Marvel's "Vader Down" comic series.

We also pay tribute to an "oral history" of the message board that partially led to TB's creation.


Talk to us.

As always, thanks for listening


Direct download: TalkingBirdSpecialedition32.mp3
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Just hours before the end of 2015, Jon & Robert sit down to discuss "The Force Awakens" for the first time. This long discussion is just the first of many to follow in 2016. Thanks for sticking with us. Happy New Year.


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Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEdition31.mp3
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We are just days away from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and Jon and Robert are done speculating. Instead, they kick off their boots, crack open some Jawa Juice (Ewwwww. That sounds gross. It was just beer, kids) and read some listener mail before recording commentaries over two classic Star Wars "making-of" documentaries.

You are free to listen to this episode "a la carte", but it really works better if you sync it up to the specials. Otherwise, there are times of silence, between the sounds of sipping. (Sync it up, please. Don't listen to us sip). Enjoy?

Special #1 "The Beginning" (1999)

Special #2 "The Making of Star Wars" (1977)

contact us (no spoilers).


On a personal note, I think I can speak for Jon & myself in thanking you for listening over the last six months and even if "The Force Awakens" doesn't turn out to be everything we hoped for, we still truly enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to you about it every week (or so). See you after the holidays. Peace. -RZ

Direct download: TalkingBirdHoldiaySpecial.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 1:02pm PDT

Less than ten days from the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jon & Robert are struggling to avoid spoilers. Topics covered: George Lucas's faint praise, Joss Whedon vs George Miller, JJ screwed up Star Trek, and much much more. Why read this paltry recap, the proof is in the pudding. LISTEN.


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Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEditionXXX.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 9:35pm PDT

Just over two weeks away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jon & Robert hit the ground running with a lively discussion of Steven Spielberg throwing his old buddy George Lucas under the bus. Robert confesses his anxiety about the whether or not this movie is going to suck or not. Jon fixates on Adam Driver's acting techniques, his face and his "Kylo Ren" voice. They discuss movie marketing like two dudes from Hollywood. LOTS of soundtrack talk, with emphasis on SCHERZO.

This one was extra fun to be a part of. If you don't want to listen to fun...well...that's on you.

Let us know you exist



Thanks for listening

Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEditionXXIX.mp3
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A nice, long episode to listen to on the way to Thanksgiving dinner.

Topics covered: Turkey, George Lucas's "seller's remorse", Star Wars Rebels, comic books and Battlefront.

Send us some mail.

@talkingbirdcast on twitters


Thanks for listening. Have a safe, sane, and happy Thanksgiving or however you spend your Thursday this week.

Direct download: talkingbirdthespecialedition28.mp3
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Your favorite Star Wars podcast starts its 27th Episode by not talking about Star Wars.

Who is the host of this show? Who is the co-host? Who's coming along for the MST3K BarBeQuay?

Are we being realistic trying to avoid spoilers? Lawrence Kasdan's days on Star Wars are numbered Jon reviews, "Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company". Robert rambles.


Direct download: TalkingBirdtheSpecialEdition27.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 5:24pm PDT

Hey JJ, I thought you said you were done with trailers. Then you drop a whole new international one.

Stuff discussed. Who is Maz Kanata? What constitutes a 'delightful' story? Is Chewbacca done for? Does Colin Trevorow write? and much, much more.

We discuss Marvel's Star Wars #11 in-depth and Jon reviews the short stories "Bottleneck" and "Mercy" mission. Robert is done reading Star Wars books for now.

Reach out.

@talkingbirdcast on twitter

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_26.mp3
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Episode 25? Who asked for all this Star Wars talk? Jon says we are the "punk" Star Wars podcast and who am I to disagree. I am literally putting a safety pin in my cheek as I write this.

Questions raised: Is "The Force Awakens" on our literal 'bucket list'? Where are all these inquisitors coming from? Is "Rebels" pulling a "Sliders"?

We talk a lot about Star Wars: Rebels "Always Two There Are".

We close the show by playing "What if Carrie Fisher wrote the opening crawl to 'The Force Awakens'?"

Thanks for listening.

Reach out



Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_XXV.mp3
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After our marathon The Force Awakens poster/trailer/music recap episode last week, we get caught up on the first two episodes of "Star Wars: Rebels", "Shattered Empire" and the "Lando" miniseries. We also talk about Marvel's "Star Wars" & "Darth Vader".

Thanks for listening

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_XXIV.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

This is a long one. We basically cover three things. Approximate times below.

0-1hrs -the Poster

1-2:45hrs - The Trailer

2:45-end The music of the trailer.


Twitter @talkingbirdcast



Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_XXIII.mp3
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Star Wars: Battlefront Beta review. Boba Fett casting rumors. Star Wars: Rebels & book news from New York Comicon. Lots of wheelhouse talk. Dig in.

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_XXII.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 5:45pm PDT

Star Wars Battlefront Talk. Jon reviews "Lost Stars". Does Han Solo have to die to make "The Force Awakens" a good movie? Disneyland is getting into Star Wars in a big way, but does that mean Tom Sawyer needs to pack a bag? Lots of "Star Wars: Rebels" talk. Don't read this description, just listen to the show.

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_The_Special_Edition_XXI.mp3
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens talk on Talking Bird. 360 degree views from Jakku. Oculus Rift: The future? or NOT the Future? Is Anthony Daniels a bit of a prick, or a suuuuuper dry comedian? Are only seeing a fraction of what the Force Awakens has to offer us? Will Jon & Robert fork out the big bucks for Star Wars soundtrack reissues? Admiral Ackbar is back. J.J. has pretty boring taste in music and inside jokes. MAX VON SYDOW! and much more. Crack open a blue milk, light up your bluntsaber and get ready for a ride.


Thanks for listening,

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_XX.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 5:50pm PDT

RAMPANT SPECULATION! The Bird Boys, undeterred by the lack of substantive STAR WARS news, allow themselves to GO ROGUE and talk in depth about current STAR WARS RUMORS.

Is Hayden Christensen returning to Star Wars?

Are the original theatrical cuts coming to home video?

Does Gwendoline Christie get to take off the damn mask?

This and much, much more in this week's Talking Bird

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_XIX.mp3
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Jon & Robert go in-depth on "Star Wars: Aftermath". Does Star Wars have what it takes to discuss sex and sexuality? What happens if Robert doesn't like the new characters? Should Jon buy "The Art of The Force Awakens" without seeing the movie? Is "Uprising" worth buying an Ipad for? Was there a war going on when you signed your selective service card? This and much more on "Talking Bird: the Special Edition" Ep. 18.

Thanks for listening. Tell a friend.

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_Ep_XVIII.mp3
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Robert and Jon are disappointed with "Force Friday" and new Star Wars canon in general. Star Wars soundtrack news. Robert sings. Would you like to know more? Press, "Play" on your Zune.

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_XVII.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 8:54pm PDT

New Star Wars toy unboxing talk. Was Luke a responsible lightsaber owner? Do we already know what character Felicity Jones is playing in "Rogue One". Is the Darth Vader PS4 a good deal? Is instagram the best way to market a Star Wars movie? Which "The Force Awakens" figure will end up in the bargain bin?

All this and more on this week's Talking Bird: The Special Edition.

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Ed_XVI.mp3
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Star Wars talk. Empire = Nazis? Kylo Ren isn't a Sith? Digital Tarkin? Tom Baker voices ____? Is Occulus Rift the future of movies or the end of them? These and many more questions on this week's Talking Bird.


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Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_Ep_XV.mp3
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Back in the Saddle with Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Rogue One talk. We give our opinions on the new D23 poster, Colin Trevorrow, and the new Rogue One cast photo. Is the Disney/Lucasfilm the new RKO? Are the Anthology films sourced from George's old TV scripts? Jon isn't sold the all the "earth tones" in "Rogue One". Is Biggs back? Micro Machines and more, more, more!.

reach out, @talkingbirdcast,


Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_Ep_XIV.mp3
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Star Wars overkill? Old dudes just love their physcial media. Are three live-action Star Wars TV shows on the horizon? Does Robert know he makes an annoying clicking sound with his mouth sometimes?(Yes, sorry about that and my stuffy nose) Is Star Wars poaching Game of Thrones? Star Wars Steelbooks and our ideas for new covers. Ben Kenobi gets a backstory in comic form and neither bird boy is that impressed.

This, and much, much more on Talking Bird: The Special Edition

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Psssst...hey kid, wanna hear two dudes talk about Star Wars for two hours? Cool.

The bird boys get light on news and heavy on conversation about Star Wars. Questions raised: are there enough ladies in the new Star Wars films, How do SW films rank in our personal top 10 favorite movies of all time. Is Lando Calrissian the most under utilized character in the SW universe. We also talk about Marvel Comic's new "Lando Calrissian" miniseries. Who else needs a miniseries? Robert confesses his age once again and Jon admits he doesn't read comics (aside from SW). Fun times. Get on the bandwagon.

reach out at Tweets go to @talkingbirdcast. Show notes at

Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Talking_Bird_The_Special_Edition_Episode_XII.mp3
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It's a Star Wars news catch-up week. A stuffy-nosed Robert podcasts from his childhood bedroom, while Jon keeps the bird-boys on task from the Lone Star State.

Topics covered: Lightsabers vs hand to hand combat, 'Rogue One" Bounty Hunters, Carrie Fisher's impending Star Wars memoir, the creative contributions of ROTJ director, Richard Marquand, David Lynch impressions, hamburgers and much, much more.

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_XI.mp3
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This week the bird boys talk about the Star Wars Comicon 2015 video. They talk music, they talk about the value of "real sets" and "practical effects", they talk about their favorite things you might have missed. (if you haven't seen the video, go find it)

Find us at @talkingbirdcast and


A Portland Comedian and all-around nice lady,Veronica Heath, has been in the hospital for almost two weeks due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, even though she's on the mend, anything you can donate to her would be awesome. Thanks!

Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_Episode_X.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 5:24pm PDT

Stop This Endless Star Wars News! Jon & Robert talk "Episode 8" casting, make Comicon predictions, Han Solo -- solo movie? Why did Ben Kenobi know the Mos Eisely Cantina was Road House in space? Video Games. We pitch our Stormtrooper designs.

email us at , tweet @talkingbirdcast , tumblrs at


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Direct download: Talking_Bird_The_Special_Edition_Episode_IX.mp3
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Think we covered everything Star Wars in last week's marathon episode? Think again. This week we go in-depth on Star Wars: Rebels "The Siege at Lothal". Topics covered: Character designs, overuse of Jedi, Darth Vader's weight, shouldn't "Rogue One" be filming right now?

connect with us at @talkingbirdcast and

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Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_Ep_VIII.mp3
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After a two week break, the Bird Boys return refreshed and ready to talk Star Wars news and views. Covered: comics, canon, apprehension about Rogue One, the underappreciated Princess Leia, Frank Herbert?, Jedi dectectors. Sammy gives a woof. This is a long one. Perfectly fine to put half in the fridge for later.

Emails go to, tweets @talkingbirdcast tumbladge at

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_Episode_VII.mp3
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Jon's last episode as an unmarried. ILM talk. Robert whines about "Tron 3". Both of the bird boys realize they are too old for trading cards, virtual or otherwise. Expanded universe talk. Robert refers to JJ Abrams as "JJ", like he knows him or something. Enjoy. Follow us @talkingbirdcast. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Talking_Bird_The_Special_Edition_Episode_VI.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 11:11pm PDT

Not a lot of fresh Star Wars news...instead...Bedsheet talk! Vader talk! Sometimes Robert talks in circles and belabors a point that even he doesn't get. Jon's internet cuts out. You know the drill. Thanks for listening. follow us @talkingbirdcast email us at talkingbirdcast at the google mail. Please give us a good review where podcasts are reviewed.

Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_Episode_V.mp3
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Robert & Jon talk more about Star Wars. Star Wars TV pitches? Robert claims there are 30 Star Wars podcasts without checking. TWO count them TWO Farscape mentions. Carrie Fisher impressions. The Lando Calrissian Mysteries after Matlock on CBS. Thanks for listening.

Shoutouts to and SF Barkast

Direct download: Talking_Bird_the_Special_Edition_Episode_IV.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 6:11pm PDT

Star Wars, schmar wars. So much news, so much to talk about. Jon gets a new microphone. We read Vanity Fair like a couple of rich dudes. We defend the prequels (kinda), talk about the future of Lucas-less franchise. We talked so much, I had to take a nap afterwards. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend. Follow us @talkingbirdcast, email us at

Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_Episode_III.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 9:35pm PDT

May the Fourth Be With You! Jon and Robert are back to celebrate Star Wars Day. They talk about Vanity Fair pictures, Adam Driver's face, fired directors and many other topics you may find interesting. Follow them @talkingbirdcast

Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_Ep_II.mp3
Category:Star Wars -- posted at: 10:51pm PDT

A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away...Two dudes got together to analyze season 3 of "Eagleheart". Faced with end of their beloved show, the two dudes went into hibernation until they decided they had to share their views on STAR WARS with the rest of the world...

Direct download: Talking_Bird_Special_Edition_Ep_I.mp3
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