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Stop This Endless Star Wars News! Jon & Robert talk "Episode 8" casting, make Comicon predictions, Han Solo -- solo movie? Why did Ben Kenobi know the Mos Eisely Cantina was Road House in space? Video Games. We pitch our Stormtrooper designs.

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Think we covered everything Star Wars in last week's marathon episode? Think again. This week we go in-depth on Star Wars: Rebels "The Siege at Lothal". Topics covered: Character designs, overuse of Jedi, Darth Vader's weight, shouldn't "Rogue One" be filming right now?

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After a two week break, the Bird Boys return refreshed and ready to talk Star Wars news and views. Covered: comics, canon, apprehension about Rogue One, the underappreciated Princess Leia, Frank Herbert?, Jedi dectectors. Sammy gives a woof. This is a long one. Perfectly fine to put half in the fridge for later.

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Jon's last episode as an unmarried. ILM talk. Robert whines about "Tron 3". Both of the bird boys realize they are too old for trading cards, virtual or otherwise. Expanded universe talk. Robert refers to JJ Abrams as "JJ", like he knows him or something. Enjoy. Follow us @talkingbirdcast. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening.

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Not a lot of fresh Star Wars news...instead...Bedsheet talk! Vader talk! Sometimes Robert talks in circles and belabors a point that even he doesn't get. Jon's internet cuts out. You know the drill. Thanks for listening. follow us @talkingbirdcast email us at talkingbirdcast at the google mail. Please give us a good review where podcasts are reviewed.

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Robert & Jon talk more about Star Wars. Star Wars TV pitches? Robert claims there are 30 Star Wars podcasts without checking. TWO count them TWO Farscape mentions. Carrie Fisher impressions. The Lando Calrissian Mysteries after Matlock on CBS. Thanks for listening.

Shoutouts to and SF Barkast

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Star Wars, schmar wars. So much news, so much to talk about. Jon gets a new microphone. We read Vanity Fair like a couple of rich dudes. We defend the prequels (kinda), talk about the future of Lucas-less franchise. We talked so much, I had to take a nap afterwards. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend. Follow us @talkingbirdcast, email us at

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May the Fourth Be With You! Jon and Robert are back to celebrate Star Wars Day. They talk about Vanity Fair pictures, Adam Driver's face, fired directors and many other topics you may find interesting. Follow them @talkingbirdcast

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A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away...Two dudes got together to analyze season 3 of "Eagleheart". Faced with end of their beloved show, the two dudes went into hibernation until they decided they had to share their views on STAR WARS with the rest of the world...

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast  Episode 12

HOLY SMOKES! An extra special episode of Talking Bird where Jon & Robert have a conversation with the head birds, "Eagleheart" creators, Michael Koman, Andrew Weinberg and Jason Woliner. We talk about the past, present and (possible futures?) of Eagleheart. It's a fun listen and Talking Bird was honored to have them take the time to talk with us. Thanks fellas!

Buy Eagleheart seaon one on DVD and politely ask the powers that be for additional seasons, while also buying them on Itunes (you want to keep your Eagleheart portable).


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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast  Episode 11

The Bird-Boys are "playin' it loose" with an "Eagleheart: Paradise Rising Post-Mortem". Viewer mail is read (thanks Francois). Heather M drops by (via .mp3) to talk sandwiches. Discussed: Susie Wagner activity books, Utilikilts, EVER MORE THEORIES! Stay tuned for more stuff in the future. Special acapella version of the theme song sung by co-host Jon. Thanks for listening!

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A mega episode for a mega-finale. Talking Bird ruffles its feathers for Eagleheart's Season 3 (or series?) finale, "Honch". We go deep (when do we not go deep?) about all the things we loved about this episode. Stuff talked about: multiple universes, matrix sequels, Sophocles, sports and when is it okay to drink (according to Robert)

Program note. This is NOT the last Talking Bird. We are doing a whole-season recap episode coming up next week. Hit us up @talkingbirdcast or other venues if you want to participate. More info inside.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 9

Jon and Robert are stuffed up (nasally speaking) but power through and talk about Eagleheart's penultimate season 3 episode, "Gribbs". After talking sick day television rituals, sports, the bird boys get to the nitty gritty about the ups and downs of a TV show that can't play nice with expectations. A passionate conversation for sure. Enjoy.

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The Talking Bird Crew talks Eagleheart Season 3, Episode 8 "Spats". Jon suffers from Texas-sized cedar allergies. Robert slowly deteriorates due to a what will probably be swine flu. Nothing is going to stop them from talking about their favorite show. Also mentioned: Robert's childhood VHS collection, Jon's approaching PHD, The Color Purple, Battlefield Earth, their mutual distaste of tongue piercings on extras. Give them a shoutout on twitter @talkingbirdcast.



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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 7

The Bird Brothers go "low energy" on the final TALKING BIRD episode of 2013. Eagleheart's Season 3, Episode 7 (or 32) "Quint" is discussed. Also discussed: Jon's grandpa hits the dating scene lightly, Robert outs himself as a prog rock fan, anxiety over the possible end of Eagleheart is pondered.

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Happy New Year and thanks for listening.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 6

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Jon calls in from his mother's dining room in Virginia so we can have a show*. Robert decides that Eagleheart's Paradise  Rising, Episode 6 (or 17), "Joe" is probably his favorite and then doesn't seem to be able to explain why. Note taking is discussed. Brian Setzer is dissed. Tom Skerrit is recalled. Frank Stallone is mentioned. An unsuccessful contest is repeated. Listen to this one while wrapping that Eagleheart Season One DVD you bought for your Dad. Merry Christmas to all who like that stuff and have a great week to those who don't. Rat-a-tat-tat, boom-boom, Baby!

*thanks to those who helped.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 5

Robert goes a little "Alex Jones" & Jon's cooler head prevails when the bird-boys talk about Eagleheart's Paradise Rising, Episode 5, "America".

Topics Covered: Jane Seymour's Open Heart Jewelry, Neil Sedaka, Peter Allen, Conan writers, Sammy Hagar's autobiography, and CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS!


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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 4

The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Companion Podcast goes long, while Jon and Robert discuss 'Paradise Rising, Chapter 4: Grandy". Also discussed: the polictics of SNL, David Lynch, Veronica Cartwright, and Danny Thomas's coffee table is explained in great detail. Follow us at @talkingbirdcast on twitter and Now available on iTunes and Stitcher

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In this epic-length, post Thanksgiving episode, Robert recalls his Black Friday adventures, Jon impersonates a fishy Mae West and Eagleheart's episode "Bowsley" is discussed in great detail.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast  Episode 2

Robert and Jon get to the nitty gritty on Eagleheart: Season 3 Episode 2, "Whitley"

Watch Eagleheart on Adult Swim Thursdays at midnight on Cartoon Network

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to episode one of "Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Companion Podcast". Here we discuss in-depth the Adult Swim show Eagleheart's season 3 opener, "Moss". It's chapter one of their "Paradise Rising" epic.

This inaugral episode of "Talking Bird" finds Robert and Jon fighting with sound issues and Robert's unwillingness to edit. We still think it's worth your time.

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