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A nice, long episode to listen to on the way to Thanksgiving dinner.

Topics covered: Turkey, George Lucas's "seller's remorse", Star Wars Rebels, comic books and Battlefront.

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Your favorite Star Wars podcast starts its 27th Episode by not talking about Star Wars.

Who is the host of this show? Who is the co-host? Who's coming along for the MST3K BarBeQuay?

Are we being realistic trying to avoid spoilers? Lawrence Kasdan's days on Star Wars are numbered Jon reviews, "Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company". Robert rambles.


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Hey JJ, I thought you said you were done with trailers. Then you drop a whole new international one.

Stuff discussed. Who is Maz Kanata? What constitutes a 'delightful' story? Is Chewbacca done for? Does Colin Trevorow write? and much, much more.

We discuss Marvel's Star Wars #11 in-depth and Jon reviews the short stories "Bottleneck" and "Mercy" mission. Robert is done reading Star Wars books for now.

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Episode 25? Who asked for all this Star Wars talk? Jon says we are the "punk" Star Wars podcast and who am I to disagree. I am literally putting a safety pin in my cheek as I write this.

Questions raised: Is "The Force Awakens" on our literal 'bucket list'? Where are all these inquisitors coming from? Is "Rebels" pulling a "Sliders"?

We talk a lot about Star Wars: Rebels "Always Two There Are".

We close the show by playing "What if Carrie Fisher wrote the opening crawl to 'The Force Awakens'?"

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