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Han Solo's real name? Bob Iger says Disney will make Star Wars movies for the next 300 years. Robert talks about his recent purchase of the Ralph McQuarrie book. Rebel's Season 3 finale and hopes for season 4 and much more. This show description is actually a chain letter. If you don't share this podcast with five friends in the next seven days, Robert will come to your house in a Jar Jar Binks T-shirt and throw lunchmeat at your window. Mesa not joking.


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PRODUCER'S NOTE: This week's episode contains some excessive potty mouth in the early part and is not for sensitive ears.


Does the Lucasfilm Story Group know anything about Jazz? Is Star Wars playing it too safe with it's filming locales? Does Jon hear John O'Hurley everywhere? Did the Bird Boys enjoy the return of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Rebels's "Twin Sons"? Is Marvel's "Doctor Aphra" #5 still fitting the bill?

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Jon reviews "Aftermath: Empire's End". Robert tells a story about Robyn Hitchcock and the Ides of March that has no point. Gareth Edwards talks "Rogue One" last-minute additions (He doesn't appear, we actually talk about them). Frank Oz is mum on Yoda. Jon and Robert have very different experiences with Star Wars: Rebels "Double Agent Droid" and that's okay. A listener has a question and we do our best to answer it.

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Rebels "Secret Passenger" review, How much of a western will the "Han Solo" movie be. Thrawn at ECCC, and much, much more on TB:TSE #78.


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No Oscars for "Rogue One". Probably no Oscar for Mark Hamill. Will Episode VIII reshoots give Princess Leia a proper goodbye or cause new problems? Do you want to be in Episode IX? Do 'Space Nazis' need their own book? What does collecting Stormtrooper memorabilia really mean? 'Rogue One' gets a making of book, but is there enough meat on the bone to make it an interesting read. Agent Kallus stars in his own Rebels epsiode, "Through Imperial Eyes", but are we really seeing how the Empire works? That and much more on TB:TSE #77

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