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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast  Episode 12

HOLY SMOKES! An extra special episode of Talking Bird where Jon & Robert have a conversation with the head birds, "Eagleheart" creators, Michael Koman, Andrew Weinberg and Jason Woliner. We talk about the past, present and (possible futures?) of Eagleheart. It's a fun listen and Talking Bird was honored to have them take the time to talk with us. Thanks fellas!

Buy Eagleheart seaon one on DVD and politely ask the powers that be for additional seasons, while also buying them on Itunes (you want to keep your Eagleheart portable).


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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast  Episode 11

The Bird-Boys are "playin' it loose" with an "Eagleheart: Paradise Rising Post-Mortem". Viewer mail is read (thanks Francois). Heather M drops by (via .mp3) to talk sandwiches. Discussed: Susie Wagner activity books, Utilikilts, EVER MORE THEORIES! Stay tuned for more stuff in the future. Special acapella version of the theme song sung by co-host Jon. Thanks for listening!

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A mega episode for a mega-finale. Talking Bird ruffles its feathers for Eagleheart's Season 3 (or series?) finale, "Honch". We go deep (when do we not go deep?) about all the things we loved about this episode. Stuff talked about: multiple universes, matrix sequels, Sophocles, sports and when is it okay to drink (according to Robert)

Program note. This is NOT the last Talking Bird. We are doing a whole-season recap episode coming up next week. Hit us up @talkingbirdcast or other venues if you want to participate. More info inside.

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Talking Bird: The 100% Unofficial Eagleheart Podcast Episode 9

Jon and Robert are stuffed up (nasally speaking) but power through and talk about Eagleheart's penultimate season 3 episode, "Gribbs". After talking sick day television rituals, sports, the bird boys get to the nitty gritty about the ups and downs of a TV show that can't play nice with expectations. A passionate conversation for sure. Enjoy.

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The Talking Bird Crew talks Eagleheart Season 3, Episode 8 "Spats". Jon suffers from Texas-sized cedar allergies. Robert slowly deteriorates due to a what will probably be swine flu. Nothing is going to stop them from talking about their favorite show. Also mentioned: Robert's childhood VHS collection, Jon's approaching PHD, The Color Purple, Battlefield Earth, their mutual distaste of tongue piercings on extras. Give them a shoutout on twitter @talkingbirdcast.



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