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Jon & Robert start this week's Star Wars talk by talking about the forthcoming book "The Secret History of Twin Peaks" by Mark Frost and ask if ancillary material is a net positive for fictional universes.

We wonder aloud what happened to J.W. Rinzler's cancelled "The Making of the Force Awakens" book.

Jon has a lot to say about the use of the Imperial March in the "Rogue One" trailer.

Robert doesn't think Boba Fett has any mystery left for his own film and maybe he should be left in the Pit of Carkoon , slowly digesting for a thousand years.

That, and much more on TB:TSE #56 Enjoy!

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LANDO, LANDO, LANDO!   The news that Lando Calrissian is coming aboard the "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story" movie. (or whatever they end up calling it.) is making the Talking Bird crew's week . But first, they pay tribute to the late, great Kenny Baker.

Looks like John Williams is back for Episode VIII (Jon breathes sigh of relief)

What do the Bird Boys think of the "Rogue One" trailer? (the answers may surprise you)

Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 will have 100% less Darth Vader? 

What did Jon & Robert think of the penultimate "Darth Vader" comic #24?

There's a lot to talk about on TB:TSE #55. Enjoy!

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Less than 24 hours from the debut of the second "Rogue One" trailer (teaser?), Jon & Robert sit down to discuss all the Star Wars news fit to speak of, including: Jimmy Smits returns, should we judge Simon Kinberg on the movies he may or may not have written? Why can't Robert watch Dinah Shore 24/7? Robert & Jon are less than excited about
"The Force Awakens" coming to 3D blu-ray. We finish with Jon's in-depth review of "Aftermath II: Life Debt". That, and much more on Ep 54 of TB:TSE.


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More Rogue One talk. Jon tells us how he really feels about U-Wings. Dave Prowse is feeling left out of the recent Darth Vader love-fest and the Bird Boys can't blame him (that much). What was the point of Rogue One commercial? How do you market movies to nerds? Darth Vader #23 & Star Wars #23 comic talk. That, and Jaime Farr on this week's "Talking Bird: The Special Edition".

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