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Sean and Robert see the dark one, Glenn Danzig live in concert and lived to tell the tale. Lots of great conversation in this one. Dig in!


Robert's favorite Metal documentary "Cannibal Corpse: Centuries of Torment"

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By Listener Request! Robert, Sean and their first guest, Blade Runner superfan, Jason break down the 1982 classic and it's 2017 sequel. It's a good time. 

Jason's paintings

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In this installment of "Talking Bird Presents: Two Dudes Talk About", Robert & Sean take the opportunity to talk about a few things near and dear to them.

We start the conversation with out takes on the news of the return of Patrick Steward to the role of Jean-Luc Picard, then Robert eulogizes radio host, Art Bell. Sean breaks down the importance of futurist writer, William Gibson, which leads a larger discussion of technology.


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Playlist of classic Art Bell shows

"No Maps for These Territories" (documentary about William Gibson)

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"Solo: A Star Wars Story (tm)" the Star Wars movie that nobody asked for, but everyone has an opinion about. 

Robert & Sean break down the good, the bad and robosexual about the movie. 

Did Alden Erenreich meet fan expectation or will he be sitting next to Brandon Routh at "Moldy Comicon '20"?

Are Star Wars fans their own worst enemies?

What you thought about L3-37 and what that means about you.

Does Solo's poor box office mean the beginning of the end for Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm?

And much more.

Language and opinions ahead.

Thanks for listening.

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger retrospective continues. Sean & Robert break down Arnold's classic 80's action movies, "Commando"(1985), "Raw Deal"(1986), and "Predator"(1987)


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Austrian Death Machine "Get to the Choppa"


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The first episode of our Arnold Schwarzenegger retrospective finds the Bird Dudes talking about his early "Fantasy" films including "Conan The Barbarian", "Conan the Destroyer", and "Red Sonja". A fun time was had by all, but the dudes are looking forward to part 2, where we cover some of Arnold's action classics.

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For those interested in Robert's reference to the UK TV program, "Man to Man w/ Dean Learner", here's the link

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Robert bought a new recording interface,  so he invited Sean over to talk about the closing of Toys R Us stores and the future of the toy industry in general.

Don't fret, part one of our Arnold Schwarzenegger retrospective, "Fantasy Arnold" was recorded and is coming very soon.

Thanks for listening.


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It's self explanatory. Sean and Robert had a lot of fun just going over the highs and lows of "Alien" movie series. They spend most of their time on Alien, Aliens, & Alien3, but everything gets talked about. 

Hope you enjoy.


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