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Star Wars Episode VIII shooting wrapped (for now). What's it going to be about? Three Han Solo movies? Video games. Robert breaks down and buys Battlefront Season Pass. Where did the U-Wing go? Toy talk and much, much more on TB:TSE #52

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Jon & Robert didn't go to Star Wars Celebration Europe, but they talk about the "Rogue One" and Star Wars Rebels panels for a long, long time.


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The Bird Boys Celebrate 50 episodes by doing what they always do -- talk about Star Wars news and views. They thank you for listening and hope you'll stick around for more.


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After a two week break, the bird boys intended to get caught up on all the Star Wars news fit to speak about, but immediately digress into conversations about animated dinosaur moves neither of them have seen.

They also discuss the Entertainment Weekly "Rogue One" feature.

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